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Welcome to New Mexico!  Four Paws and a wake Up is nestled in the foothills of the Organ Mountains, a picturesque view in Southwestern United States.  


Our very first service dog in training, Harpur, joined the family in early 2019 as an adorable bundle of fluff.  Harpur is in training to be a service dog under the guidance of Four Paws and a Wake Up-NC and is planned to be the breeding stock for the New Mexico program.  

What's In a Name

Four Paws and a Wake Up

"Days and a wake-up"

A "wake-up" refers to the last day you will be some place (generally while deployed). So, if a service member is getting ready for bed on a Sunday and flying out on a Friday, he'll say "four days and a wake-up."

The "wake-up" for this program is the new life that begins after receiving a service dog. 

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Disclaimer: Due to applicant criteria and limited resources, not every individual who applies for a service dog can or will be served

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